Welcome New Import Vendors!

This area of www.connection.kohls.com is designed as a starting point for doing business with Kohl's. At Kohl's, New Import Vendors are selected by each of our Kohl's Buyers for inclusion in our merchandise assortments. If your Buyer is about to issue your company an import Purchase Order there are several steps needed to complete the Vendor set-up process.

Kohl's defines an Import purchase order as merchandise that is purchased and has Kohl's listed as the importer of record, regulating the freight routing of said shipment.

The importer of record is the individual or firm liable for payment of all duties and meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements incurred as a result of importation.

This area of our Vendor portal will aid the NEW IMPORT VENDOR in getting started. Please use the NEW IMPORT VENDOR CHECKLIST as your step by step guide to all the items that need to be completed as part of doing business with Kohl's. The "One-Touch Download" link below will provide some of the key documents needed to start the Kohl's Business relationship. A vendor can come back to this area at any time and visit the documents individually by clicking the specific topic on the left side of this page.

An important part of a New Import Vendor's set up is scheduling a Meet and Greet session with Kohl's Product Development team. To schedule your Meet and Greet session contact your Product Development Manager.

Once established as a vendor at Kohl's and with an active Purchase Order and Vendor Number the Vendor will be expected to register for access to the password-protected portal. This portal is updated on the 15th of every month and has a wide variety of information to support the business relationship with Kohl's.

Welcome Aboard!

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